Our wealth management solution

WealtHub represents a new breed of wealth management solutions. It provides you with an end-to-end asset management process application with a core data model based on MiFID II to serve both client and product management purposes.

As a cloud-bases SaaS service, WealtHub needs no hardware installation.

WealtHub’s user interface can easily be tailored to your brand look and feel.

The application is fully MiFID II and GDPR compliant, using  MiFID data as the basis for its CRM functionality.

WealtHub is open to third-party applications for e.g. analysis and reporting functions.

The use of WealtHub can be started with a simple set-up and developed step-wise to more advanced by employing further service modules or by adding 3rd party services with the aid of ReSys platforms


Initial dialogue service

Client data can be input online either by the client or with the wealth manager to comply with KYC requirements, MiFID II profiling and your product recommendation needs.

With the initial dialogue, you will gather as a minimum all data to comply with regulation. In addition, depending on your focus and priorities, all other client data you need for your work and that you are by law allowed to ask and store. The data dialogue is simple to tailor to contain both elements for regulatory requirements and other sales-related information

All data on a client is always accessible by the wealth manager and the client as stipulated by GDPR

The client dialogue is simple to configure and user interface independent. You can design and deploy your own user interface or just configure the reference user interface in your preferable way

WealtHub allows you to freely modify and create custom dialogues using the ReSys Dialob composer tool. Dialob is a tool for your analysts, business developers and sales support experts to create new dialogues.

Dialob provides a set of unique features for creating dialogues well beyond traditional online forms, simplifying the dialogue process and improving user experience.

Dialogues created by Dialob can also be configured to allow multiple users to fill one dialogue, so to set it to run through multiple filling sessions, for example when a client has not been able to complete a dialogue form

Profiling service
Business intelligence
Contextual sales
Product Management
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