WealtHub is a plug-and-play system to cater for your entire business process

WealtHub is an easily installable end-to-end solution for wealth managers of all sizes. It can be easily tailored to give the look and feel of your brand, to manage your product portfolio and to produce the kind of reports your clients need. Our platform runs in cloud for speed, low running costs and flexibility. WealtHub provides you and your clients with full MiFID II and GDPR compliance, a high degree of data security and always the latest service version.

Build your business functions flexibly with WealtHub

WealtHub’s modular structure enables you to start with the services you want first and grows along with your needs. The flexibility of its user interface, profiling engine, data management and reporting capabilities enable you to create the wealth management service offering of your ambition and vision.

Unified data in WealtHub streamlines your business process

Much of the client data needed for selling, client profiling and client service are collected in the compulsory MiFID II process. WealtHub uses the MiFID data for its profiling and recommendation engines, fully tailored to your needs. Naturally, your client can always access all his data online to fully meet GDPR regulation requirements. Product data can be downloaded from your partners and managed online, including fees and other information.

Why WealtHub?

Ease and flexibility

As a cloud-based service, WealtHub requires no installation, making your time to market very short in starting new services. The two platforms it is based on allow for easy and flexible tailoring to fit your brand look, client profiling, product maintenance and internal and external reporting. WealtHub’s modular structure and openness enables you to develop your business based on your needs.


A cloud-based service needs no own server capacity or computer centre. Our small and lean organisation allows for no upfront licence fee and a reasonable monthly user fee which depends on the number of modules you have in use. The ease of tailoring means a quick and small-scale development process when you want to change your brand look, product recommendation logic or develop your reporting.


WealtHub enables online data collection from clients and downloading from your partners and other outside sources. In the client data collection process, WealtHub meets the MiFID II regulation requirements. Its product and client management properties make WealtHub your tool  for a paperless, digitized process.


Our platforms and WealtHub running in the cloud ensure that you always have the latest version with all of the platforms’ and the cloud’s latest version at your service. The structure provides also a very high degree of data security for a very private industry.

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